Thursday, May 2, 2013

One down one to go!

Court today was short and sweet!  I was told before we even went in that Bio-Mom had once again gone MIA and wasn't expected.  The GAL supervisor had never seen her before so she asked me if I saw her and I told her no. :)

Technically she isn't officially TPR'd....she's 'defaulted."  Basically she didn't show so they terminated, but it can't be filed until Dad is TPR'd as well.  They must be filed together.  The diligent search for Dad has not been completed so the next court hearing is May  29th to see the status of that.  If that is done then they can file publication.  So....we are looking at a minimum of 10...yes TEN weeks before we will be able to TPR Dad.  That takes us well into JULY!!!!  OYE!  After that of course we move on to WHERE Choo Choo will live permanently.

The good news of all of this is of course 1) Mom is DONE!  2) Choo Choo gets to come on our family vacation and my sister will finally get to meet him (my mom and other sister met him when they came here).

Besides all this my family could really use your prayers.  My Dad is having major back surgery tomorrow and will be out of commission for awhile.  There is also another "unspoken" request that needs MUCH prayer :)  I am the only one who lives out of state, so this is really tough for me being far away.  I hope to make a visit in the next couple of weeks.