Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Here we go...

Tomorrow is Pre-trial/Bio-Dad's advisory.  Pre-trial isn't much of anything to speak of and I highly doubt that dad will show for his advisory.  I think I need a flow chart for this, but I think I'll just do bullets :)

IF Dad shows....

  1. They will serve him to appear in court next week for trial
  2. Trial will continue as planned for both parents next Thur.
IF Dad doesn't show....
  1. Not much of anything will be accomplished tomorrow
  2. They will do publication for the next 6 WEEKS to see if Dad responds to an ad in the paper (ha!). 
  3. Trial will continue as scheduled next week for bio-MOM ONLY.  Trial for Dad will happen after the 6 week waiting period is up.  
So....as it sits (and how I believe it will go down) we will have trial for Mom's TPR next week, wait 6 weeks, get trial for Dad scheduled, have trial, then MBI and the ugliness that will happen to determine where Choo Choo will be forever.  

I asked uncle today at drop off if he knew where bio-dad was or if he had heard from him and he said "no."  I don't know if that's true or not, but .....It is my prayer (and we covet all your prayers as well!!!!!!!!!) that bio-dad shows up tomorrow and we can get this show on the road!!!!!!!!!!   

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Court results

Today was the JR for Choo Choo.  I was not expecting much and hubby often wonders why I go, but today it ended up being worth it :)

They of course reviewed the case...what Mom is not doing...what Dad is not doing and their histories in this case.

Then the GAL atty wanted to know about bio-Dad's visits.  The CM was not in court, but her supervisor was there.  She was not aware of the visits with bio-dad (or lack of) and I am glad that I attended and had the opportunity to speak.  It was nice for the judge during her ruling to look at me and personally ask me if I have everything I need for the child :)  Yes ma'am!

There was a brief mention of the bonding assessment and how a motion will be filed in regards to it.  WHAT????  I asked the GAL later and apparently it's a whole new mess :(  Since the GAL office funded the bonding assessment they had their person set up.  Well...the agency being the agency they are, did not want someone they were familiar with doing it.  So.....the agency decided to set up their own person who the supervisor formally used in another county.  Hhhhmmmm.....so...the way it's being seen is that both parties will have their assessments done by "their" person and then we will battle it out in court.  NICE!!!!!!!!!!  Can we get any more stinkin' absurd in this case????????  Maybe I shouldn't say that huh?!

THEN.....I heard that this will be coming to a close LATER rather than sooner :(  The GAL atty (she is so awesome!!) is only available for like 3 court dates in May and then the judge will be taking personal time off and a "stand in" judge will be taking her place, so the preference will be to WAIT because we do not want a judge who has no clue what's going on in this case making the final ruling!!!!

Trial is still in two weeks and everyone will be there for that ....it's after that where it will be uncertain.  We are all relatively confident in getting TPR, but after that the GAL was told to "prepare your foster mother" (by the atty) because these things OFTEN go in the favor of siblings.  I'm aware of reality....I know that bonding doesn't always win....BUT I KNOW that I serve an AWESOME GOD and what HE wants goes...no matter what.  Of course that could still be that he goes to his aunt/uncle's but then I will rest in knowing that it's God's will.  Easy? NOPE!  Will all the Glory go to God either way? YES!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Yesterday we had the blessing of going to Legoland with all the kids!  We got the tickets for free, so that made it even better.  It was a challenge coming off of a visit weekend, but we survived with only a few minor meltdowns and one major one-lol!
Lego technic was the "big boys" favorite ride!

Pretending they were on the ride...it sometimes stinks to be so little.
 I was getting pelted with balls just to get a few cute pictures :)
 Mom!  Take my picture!
 Mighty Max!
Make your craziest face! Choo Choo is just looking at them like "what in the world are you doing?"  :)

 Next up will be Universal Studios!  I think we will leave Choo Choo (maybe Michael too) with a sitter for that one!  Not as much for him to do at that one and he really needs a nap...he refuses to sleep in the stroller!  9 hours is a long time for a little man!  He crashed in the car after he stopped hitting me in the head with his new lego sword-lol!