Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Little Prince stays for now!

I have been terrible about blogging here and if this is the only place you follow me, I apologize!  You are probably wondering who in the world Little Prince is!  About a month ago around 1:00am a sweet bundle of joy was dropped off at our home.  He was 3 months old and as cute as could be!  He's been with us for about a month and today as the first court hearing for his parents.

You see....both his parents are living  in a highly secured gated community if you get what I mean.  They have made some really bad choices.  I was not required to go to court this morning, but I know that LP is their first baby and I cannot imagine (in spite of their choices) not being with my baby (especially the first!)  This will be their only chance to see him because visitation will not commence until they are released.

So, I got up early (court was at 8:30), got the kids up early and dropped them off at a family friend's, drove the 1/2 hour there, went through security and went up to the court waiting area.  While I was waiting in the line for security I saw a group of family members and there was an empty car seat.  As I walked in to the waiting area, they were sitting there and I heard them whisper his name.  I made eye contact and they asked "Is that {LP}?"  Yes, I told them and asked who they were.  There were 2 grandmother's, a grandfather and 3 aunts.  They all came rushing over to his stroller and tears streamed down each and every one of their faces.  The love and sorrow they all felt came oozing out and LP was totally overwhelmed.  They asked a few questions about him, but really just gushed over him until we were called in.  The empty car seat meant they expected to take him with them.  I wondered what they had been told.

I took him back in my arms and prepared myself to walk into that court room.  We were instructed not to talk to or touch his birthparents.  As they saw their son for the first time in a month the tears rolled down their cheeks. I sat opposite them and held the baby up so they could see him. The harsh reality of the consequences of their choices was staring them in the face. Whatever their choices and consequences it was clear that they love this baby! I even got a "you better stop that!" look from the bailiff when I held him up on the way out.  Ooops!  Anyway, it is clear that this baby has a ton of family that loves him.  The problem comes when most of them have records and have been deemed inappropriate to take care of baby.  

There were family members that have had homestudies done.  The first was denied, but *could* be approved if certain things change before our next court hearing.  The other is still being determined and the woman is out of the country right now.  She better high tail it back by the next court date if she has a hope of getting this baby.

After court I let the extended family have some more time with the baby and they all said their goodbyes.  Visitation was awarded to both sides of the family.  2 hours for each side.  I know there is a staffing tomorrow and I bet we'll find out when all that will start.  The family members were all very grateful and thanked me for taking care of him.  Our next court date is pre-trial on 8/14 with trial the week of 8/18.  On the 14th the homestudies will be reassessed, so if either one of them passes Little Price will be leaving us.  It is my assumption that they {bio-family} will do everything in their power to get this baby back to family.  As long as it is a safe environment I am all for it.  I look at Choo Choo's case and if his family would have fought to get him from the very beginning so much trauma that he is going through now could have been avoided.  It's crazy how fast you can fall in love with someone.  We love Little Prince so much and he will be missed a lot, but then we also know the flip side of staying in foster care altogether too long.  

Please continue to pray for our Little Prince and what God has in store for him!