Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Court today

I was the first one there and as I sat down I saw our CM's supervisor walk in.  She deliberatly avoided eye contact with me and went to the other side of the room.  I'm so tired of games.  So....light in the darkness....I yelled across the room in my cheeriest voice "Good morning L-!"  She ignored me, so I did it again.  She finally looked at me and said "oh, hi" and looked back down at her purse. 

A bit later the atty for the state came out and asked the CM supervisor if she was the only one here on the case.  She said "Yes" and walked in the court room.  WHAT????!!!!  I ran in after her and the GAL followed me.  The GAL said "good thing you were here or I would have missed the whole thing!" lol!

It was all the same stuff...nothing too special.  The magistrate rolled her eyes as the state answered their questions.  When the bonding assessment was brought up it was discovered it hadn't been filed yet.  Grrr....no wonder we don't have a court date!!!  They then talked about the possible adoptive placements and said our last name.  The judge said "who is that?" I raised my hand and said that we were the foster parents and hoping to adopt.  She said "oh I am so sorry to talk about you as if you aren't here!  Is there anything you need for the child?  Do you have any questions for me?"  She can be really sweet :) 

So, we left...we wait...thanking God we were first, it was quick and there were no surprises.