Thursday, April 28, 2011

New day new story!

Baby Man's FRS called to say that his visit that was cancelled today because of court was rescheduled for tomorrow. Well I already have plans with a friend, so I told her that she is welcome to pick him up from where we will be. "Oh no honey! I work smarter not harder. I'm too old for that!" LOL!! ok....She's going to cancel with the parents and reschedule for Monday. Whatever! :)

Baby Man's parents had court today. I guess everything went pretty well. Mom was upset with the workers when they stated that Dad was doing so well with this visits, volunteering for parenting, etc. Then she told me that they put in for unsupervised visits for Dad only. Dad is also asking to take the baby almost 7 hours away (driving) to see his very old/frail mother over Mother's Day weekend. I don't know if that will be approved, but seeing as how short, in-town visits haven't even started yet, I don't feel comfortable with him taking him so far away! Maybe it's just me....I don't know. That's next week!! Not to mention that will take more money away from the cash he is trying to save for his apartment. I said hasn't been approved yet.

Yesterday was a totally different story and everyone was on a different page....I don't know what will happen. I still have this gut "thing" about the situation in general, but having no control I have to simply trust God and that all will be taken care of.

Ahhh...thinking of our first serious goodbye is gut-wrenching!!! We love him so much :) He is sitting here laughing and smiling at me as I type. I am blessed tremendously!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

3 months old!

Monday sweet baby turned 3 months old! I can hardly believe seems to have gone so fast, yet when I think about the lack of sleep it seems like forever-LOL! We have been practicing tummy-time and his head control is getting quite good! Today he even rolled over!!!! I thought it was fluke the first time, but then he did it a few more times (tummy to back)! He smiles and laughs a lot...seriously the sweetest thing ever :)

Our current challenge is trying to get him to sleep in his crib versus the carseat. For awhile he was sooo congested he would need to upright to sleep. Well, that became a habit since he has been sick so long and the all-night "training sessions" have started to break that habit. I am tired and it is long/hard work, but it of course is necessary and will be worth it.

Yesterday there was a staffing and tomorrow a judicial review. I unfortunately can't be at either, so that makes me relient upon his CM for what happened. I might hear next week....

Thursday, April 21, 2011

More clothes

Little Grape got back from his visits today and came bearing gifts. Dad bought him 6 or 7 onesies and 3 news pairs of socks. Couple things...I am really happy to see that he wants to provide (in some way at least) for the baby even though he is not in care. Mom has never bought him anything. However, I really wish that it was clothing I felt comfortable putting him in on more than visit day. Little Man's mom did the same thing. Their style is just not my style and I would feel silly walking around with a baby dressed in these clothes! lol! Maybe I'm just a little too plain?? :) The other thing is that apparently (almost 3 months into this) dad informed the FRS that he is adamant that he wants socks on the baby's feet. Here is a clear example of how he does not know his son. The boy sweats SO MUCH and his feet are always moist from sweat...they just are. So when he got back in thick, terry cloth socks I was surprised for sure. Another little's 90 here today!!!! At least I'm still "allowed" to put LG in jeans :)

So...just as in Little Man's situation...the clothes will be worn on visit day only and the kid will have to suffer for a couple of hours each week during the visit with hot feet.....whatever! LOL!

I can't believe that in a few short days we will be at 3 months with LG! I really did not think that it would be this long considering Dad has no allegations. The sad part is that at a minimum it will probably be at least several more before we know anything. I got another perspective on the case yesterday and I am feeling a little more concerned for LG and his future should he go home to Dad :( Only time will tell! I can rest knowing he is in God's hands!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More fun! getting the name of the pulmonologist from the CM was very easy! I take that back :) The soonest appt that I can get with this Dr. is May 24th! Ugh...poor baby has to wait another month! They requested that I get a copy of the chest x-ray he already had done at the hospital as well as get a new script from his pediatrician for a sinus x-ray, get that done and bring that to the appt as well. I guess in the long run it will save time as far as his treatment, but more fun!

I made his next WIC appt as well for July when he will be 6 months old. It's hard to imagine him still here at 6 months, but the way things are moving it is altogether possible! I will take whatever time I can get with this bundle of sweetness!

Court update

Well turns out not much happened at court last week. Mom's did not show due to yet more bad choices :( No changes in Dad's situation. There is a staffing next Tuesday that I hope to be able to make...I have a feeling it will just be updates and not too much new happening.

So....little sweetie pie stays put for now :)

Off to the specialist!

Little Man had a well-child check up today and Little Grape had a check up to see how he is healing. Little Man's went really well and his head size is even coming down! lol! Height is a little short (fits in with this family for sure!) and weight was right at 50th %ile.

Little Grape on the other hand is not doing so well. He has not changed at all in a week (except for gaining another pound! 12lbs 11oz now) He is still really congested and wheezing even after all the neb. treatments and steroid. She has decided (after joking to go get a cup of coffee and think on it awhile) to put him on a zyrtec-like presciption in hopes of helping his congestion and then we were referred to the pulmonologist for further testing. His CM mentioned that his 1/2 sister has pulmonary problems so it could be familial. She would like me to ask the CM for the name of the Dr. his sister sees as s/he would already be familiar with what we potentially are dealing with. Ummm....I'm wondering what those chances are! :) LG is a super happy little guy even though he is sick and even laughed for the first time yesterday!! :) What a blessing that was!

Later is the WIC office times for sure. At least they linked the kids for me so I don't have to go back at separate times for each of them!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Little Man his case manager came over today and basically all is remaining the same as far as the case until we go to court May 4th. Mom has still not been served (no idea what anyone is waiting for!!!!) and Dad has not made any contact nor has he been found. The current agency his case is through is closing May 31st and because of pushing back of court dates and lack of movement we will be moved to the new agency and not pushed into adoptions early :( (ok...well that's of could change tomorrow! lol!) I was touched that his case manager asked if she could keep my email address after she left (she won't be transferring to the new agency). She wants to keep in touch with our family...awww :) As for Little Grape....I found out today the reason why Dad missed his visit last week. Mom does not like the fact that Dad has the chance to get the baby and she doesn't, so she is trying to do all she can to make the baby not go to Dad. Can you guess where he was? Drama! His transporter called me awhile ago and asked why he might be crying the way he was. and the parents can probably figure that out don't ya think? Sorry to be cynical, but come on! He's a baby....there can only be a few things...try one. If it works, great...if not go on to the next thing. Of course I told them by listening to his cry over the phone that he had gas! I still haven't heard any news about court yet....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Court today

Little Grape's mom has her pre-trial court date today! We will see what happens from here and when I will hear??? I hope she just accepts the charges and this doesn't go to trial. It will be easier for her that way for sure. I haven't heard anything more about Dad....maybe tomorrow on visit day. LG went back to the Dr. on Monday after 3 weeks with the same cold. Now it had moved to his chest, so he is now on a steroid and doing nebulizer treatments. It's been 2 full days and I am not seeing much improvement yet :( Praying we turn that corner soon! The Dr. asked me about possible family history of pul,onary issues and of course I said "I have no idea!" I asked the CM though and she said that his 1/2 sister has pulmonary issues and sees the pulmonologist frequently.'s possible there is an underlying issue that was brought up with this cold. Hopefully not though!! I am tired of getting puked on and really would like this cleared up asap! :) While at the Dr. they re-weighed/measured him and in one week (since his well-child) he gained 2 oz. shy of a pound (now 11lbs 12oz) and grew a 1/4 inch (22 1/2 inches long)!! How is this possible with puking his feedings so often?? lol! When he first came I was told that he comes from a family of "eaters" ...I think that's true! Hopefully I can update on court later today....

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ugh...Dad didn't show for his visit and he didn't call either. This is the first time he's done this, but the FRS was really dissappointed. She did a random drug test on him last Thur. which he passed, but now (because of the length of particular drugs staying in the system) she is going to start doing random drop offs at his work on say, a Monday! There was a reason he was with Mom...guess time will tell. After so much positive the "reality" of foster care and what people do has hit again. :(


The FRS came to pick up LG for his visit this morning and I was asking her about Dad and his housing situation etc. She said that he is going to be going through the agency's FUP (Family Unification Program) and then he will be eligible to receive Section 8 housing which will ensure he has a decent home for the baby to live in. The $400 he can afford now isn't going to be the kind of housing that would really be good for a child to grow up in...not in his city anyway! He is in week 2 of a 12 week parenting course. I was informed that one week in the evening LG will need to go to class with him for a hands-on task. Sure! That's his fussy time, so that will be great for Dad to get his feet wet-lol! real news except that LG will be staying here for several more months! I'm interested to hear more about the FUP program. She was running late so I didn't hound her, but all I know is that there will be unsupervised visits at some point. Oh..and I guess Mom is really making an effort this time around too!!! With the drug intervention program she attends (this is her 3rd time going through) she has for the first time finished the intervention portion (30 day) of the program and now is entering into phase 1!! All the workers who have been with her for over 3 years now are astounded!!! So...everything is moving forward and status quo! LM's case is right where it has been which is just fine with me! I am hoping the next month goes quickly and that God grants us huge amounts of grace and mercy at the next court hearing!! Praying that doesn't get dragged out for too many more months!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Porker!

Monday I took LG in for his 2 month check up and I was stopped in my tracks when they said he weighed 10.14!!! That means that he gained 4 pounds in a month and a 1/2 :) Yeah...we like to eat at this doesn't matter how old you are!! :) He was 25th %ile all around (whereas he was not even on the chart last time!) He has super dry skin despite my efforts with different lotions and olive oil. The Dr. suggested another cream before going to a steroid cream because that would pretty much be his entire body! It's an OTC cream, but she said sometimes Medicaid will cover it since he a foster child. I'm hoping so! He has had a cough for about 2 weeks now (going on 3 does LM) and she said that he sounded "junky" but nothing serious. Ugh...he wakes up often from coughing/gagging himself :( Poor thing keeps losing part of his feedings because he coughs and gags himself! On another note...his Mom has her pre-trial hearing next Wednesday. The CM can address any comments/concerns related to Dad at that time as well. I get parts of the story from different people, so when I piece it all together it makes sense. I don't know where the housing stuff stands, but hopefully the FRS can tell me more on that tomorrow. Oh....I sit up at 4am trying to massage the gas out of this EVA! and think about how Dad is going to handle all this. LG's fussy pretty much all evening until he crashes after his 10:00 bottle. I don't know...going from single bachlorhood to full-time Daddy will be quite the shock to him! I'll offer up whatever info I can to help him! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011


The transporter came to get the baby for his visit today and I was encouraged to hear that Dad has already started his parenting classes and is really enjoying them! He continues to work for housing. They had him get tested and we'll see if he is clean. He swears it, so hopefully it's true!! It was just a random test! The transporter says he runs circles around Mom at changing a diaper-lol! Even though we love him so much and we could give him a really good life, he needs to be with his Dad (first assuring all needs will be met, etc!). I think Dad will have a rude awakening as to what life will be like with a young baby, but I am hoping that this is the happy reunion story we planned for in the beginning! Eeeekk....not looking forward to our first goodbye :( Yeah...I'll just tuck that thought far away until I have to deal with it!