Sunday, July 21, 2013


With all of our children we have changed their names.  Little Michael was the only one whose name first name we kept the same.  We like biblical and meaningful names for our little ones and thankfully that fit the bill with both :) 

Choo Choo is another story.  His first and middle names are not anything that we would have chosen.  Loooonnngggg ago we had decided on yet another boy name and perhaps we would have named him that if we adopted him way back then, but that name just doesn't fit him now.  As a matter of fact for the past year we have thought about not changing his name at all.  It is what he knows and I guess it's sorta grown on us.

Until the past couple weeks that is.  God has been nudging me to think of a new name for Choo Choo.  I think in my mind I have been preparing myself for him to go while in my heart remaining ever hopeful.  A self preservation thing if you will.  It's a real possibility and I have to prepare myself (and the rest of the family) for that.  But God...

Today in church the pastor spoke about Jacob and how he wrestled with God and at the end of that struggle God changed his name.  It was a new beginning.  God did this many times in the Bible.  We are really starting to think about a new name for Choo Choo now.  A fresh beginning signifying his new life in a forever family with Christ as the head!  Do we know for sure that he will be staying? No.  However, if the judge says yes to us and adoption we will be ready and know that we are naming our son what God has willed :) 

Oh and in case you are wondering....we have a few ideas but are still praying and waiting to hear from God on what that final verdict will be. :)  I have a strong feeling of which one it will be. I can't wait till the day we can share it out loud....actually SCREAM it!!!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


2 years 5 months and 14 days in our care, but termination of parental rights has FINALLY been achieved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Before court the GAL atty came over and told me that bio-dad did not respond to the publication so he will be defaulted today (let me know if you want an explanation on what that means).  Unfortunately the GAL couldn't be there today so she will come to court next Tuesday for her testimony for the MBI.  I will not need to be there for that one, so that means that the next time I walk into court it will be hear where my baby will be living forever!

Today the GAL atty also filed a motion to use their bonding assessment person and the state finally acquiesced.  They have "fit in" there that if they do not agree with the results that  a secondary one can be done.  Sure!  I think any bonding assessment will tell you that he's pretty darn bonded to the people who have been raising him since birth :)  I was told that the Dr. should be able to complete the assessment within the next couple of weeks!!!!!!!  Once we have a report from him then we will be able to schedule the hearing to determine the permanent placement.

Uncle/Aunt were  not at court today and didn't confirm (and therefore missed) their visit last week.  Ok by me :)

The atty said to me that this case is the albatross around her's never ending.  Ha!  How do you think we feel????? lol!