Saturday, June 1, 2013

And the fun continues!

I hope that most of you are also following me on FB because I have been very absent here lately.  Sorry!  Sometimes it's just quicker to post a quick update, but I will try to write here more often as well :)

What's been going on...not a whole lot.  We had another Saturday CM visit.  I really wish that she could get these things scheduled for during the week and not wait till the last minute, but at least she is quick!  Apparently there is no word from Dad.  We had court on May 28th and publication began.  Hopefully in 7 weeks with our next court hearing we will be complete with TPR!!!

The drama continues with the bonding assessment :(  The GAL program didn't want the agency's assessor and the agency didnt' want the GAL's assessor, so the agency said "How about we use the GAL assessor from another county?"  Apparently this was denied by the GAL's office (even though it looked like it would be a good solution...GAL and neutral) but they didn't like that as well.  We are leaving for vacation in 2 weeks and the CM wanted the bonding assessment done before we leave so it could be ready for court on 7/16.  Doesn't look like that is going to happen.  Sigh....praying this is going to be for Choo Choo's benefit!

I had a horrible dream the other night where we were all sitting in the court room and it was ordered he go to live with Aunt/Uncle.  The minute the judge said that, aunt jumped up and shouted "we won!"  In the dream I respectfully asked the judge to speak and I asked if she heard what the aunt said.  She said "no."  I repeated what aunt said and then said "this has always been about a competition for them, not the child. I hope you made the right decision." and then I left the room.  I'm so much more outspoken in my dreams!  In reality if that happens I'll probably run crying from the court room-lol!

So....this is where we are.  Not much moving for the next 7 weeks, but after that I have a feeling things will move pretty quickly.  I just want permanecy for my baby.  He deserves it!  It's been wwaaaayyyy past long enough and ALL of us need to know what God's final plan for forever is :) 

As I watch my crazy boys out playing in the pouring rain, running around like crazy people yelling "Ahhhhh Buffalo!"  I can't even imagine not having Choo Choo be part of this crazy for forever!!!  I will enjoy each day...even through the tantrums and naughty talk he learns at aunt/uncles...and this vacation will definitely be a memorable one :)