Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I talked to our FDS and things are moving quickly! She said that our paperwork went to the county yesterday and they have a week turn-around. After that it is off to DCF and I believe they have 30 days! We're looking at December to be licensed! Yay!!

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Mandy said...

Yeah! Our very first placement was the week of Christmas--3 years ago. Something to think about is an extra present or 2 around the house just incase you get that call close to Christmas and can not get out to the store. It is something to think about--you can always find something on sale and if you don't need it you can use it down the road for something or donate later for Toys for Tots. We keep a bin of toys for those emergencies around--the kids friend's birthdays that suddenly seem to come up, a new toy for a difficult day, or we have even used it to bless a neighbor down the street one day.