Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Divine opportunity

Once a week I volunteer at a pregnancy center and every night is something different! Last night I had a divine appt with a young woman. There was some conflict with her at the beginning (some people like to take advantage) but as things settled in she totally became broken for her sister and her newborn nephew. That very morning he had been taken from her by DCF from the hospital. Her hearing is this morning and she totally believed that she was getting her baby back this am. The baby was born with drugs in his system and she has a previous DCF case with her 5 yo son. I was able to use some of the knowledge that I gained about the system and explained the process to her a bit. Please be in prayer for "Kelly." She is the mother and needs protection from herself at this point...her sister is very concerned about post-partum depression and what she might do to herself :(

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