Saturday, November 13, 2010

Little Man happenings...

Little Man has been so funny lately! He is really trying to say SO much and will repeat almost anything that you ask him to (ask his brothers!) The last couple of times that I have gotten him up from sleeping I walk in the room and he says "Mom, got poop!" and he pats his diaper! LOL! A three-word phrases and right about 75% of the time :-) Today he was picking stickers off of something saying "Oh no. Sticker. Da-buge (garbage)." He's a smart cookie and he likes to show it!

He has also been super interested in John Deere tractors lately too! This brings back a flood memories because it was at about this age that Mr. A was a John Deere addict! He could identify all sorts of tractors, watched tractor videos, played tractors, etc. Little Man's interest has re-sparked A's interest too :) Mr. I loves to ride our toy tractor so they were outside riding tractors, pretending to harvest and restore old tractors. It was cute to see them all working together! Usually L.M. is busy destroying what the other 2 are doing! There are so many aspects that I think about when I contemplate the possibility of him returning to his parents, but one thing I know he will miss FOR SURE are those big brothers!

Another one of his big interests is FOOTBALL much to Daddy's happiness!!! A couple of mornings last week when Mr. M. was home on his days off L.M. woke up and I brought him downstairs. He immediately asked for his "boot ball, Daddy" and ran and got the football and brought it to play with my husband. that's the way to make a Daddy's heart sing!

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