Saturday, December 18, 2010

18 months!!!!!!!!!!

I simply can't believe that my sweet boy is 18 months old today!!! Gosh I wish I could plaster his adorable little face all over this blog! He is such a little spit fire but sweet as can be on the flip side! He has really gotten into dancing lately and it is just the cutest thing...the kid has rhythm! His favorite song to dance to is the Target Christmas commercial with the Electronic Santa Claus. Hilarious! He and Mr. I break it down family style! He can throw a tantrum with the best of them and I am surprised the neighbors haven't come knocking with the way he screams! lol! He is a complete joy to our lives and I cannot wait to see his face Christmas morning! We celebrate Christmas morning with a chocolate cake for Jesus' birthday so I'm sure he'll enjoy that too :-)

Court countdown....4 days...I'm probably setting myself up for another disappointment, but I can't help it! lol!

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