Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A recent comment

Recently someone said to me "foster care is taking over you life!"  While this person did not mean to be rude or imply I was doing something to let it take over my life, it was a bit convicting.

 I think that being a foster parent you kind of sign up for this life.  When you get licensed you are **to a certain extent** saying that you will allow your life to planned around foster care.  It's just the reality of it.  Courts, staffings, case worker visits, GAL visits, parent visitations, sibling visitations, and the list goes on!

While all of the above is true, I think that there are things that I do as a foster parent that perhaps could make it too much of a focus of my life, or things perhaps I spend too much time on....for me, it's constantly mulling over in mind the numerous ways this case could go.  What would I do? How would I react? What would I say?  Or sometimes I talk about it too much when really God is saying "ok enough...move on!  You've told enough people!"  I like to think I am a smart girl, so maybe there is something else rolling around in my brain besides foster care :)

What ways do you feel you "obsess" about foster care?  No boundaries...saying yes to everything? Stalking bio-family facebook pages? ??????

I think it's soooo important that I keep my eyes focused UP instead of on my circumstances and all of the what if's and what could be's of this insane case!  So thank you to the person who said that to me and I am going to really try to keep my mind focused on things other than foster care...ya know like those 4 precious hurricanes gifts I have running around :)

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