Saturday, February 1, 2014

10 misc. things about me for absolutely no reason-lol!

  • We've had 4 total placements (plus lots of respite situations) in 4 years!

  • I love coffee and probably drink too much of it

  • If I could go anywhere in the world right now I would probably choose Italy.  I really want to go before I die :)

  • I love to eat healthy foods and exercise, but oh...bring me a cheesecake and I just might be over tempted to indulge!

  • I'm originally from Michigan and although I like to visit family in the summer I desire never to spend another winter driving in that snow! (For my parents it has totaled over 80in. this winter already!)  Related to that....I HATE to be cold!

  • Weakness?  I struggle with my kids chewing! lol!  Often times I literally have to leave the room because I cannot stand the crunching of food.  I've been known to also stick my fingers in my ears.  They aren't nasty people, I have something wrong with me...seriously! lol!

  • My hubby is the love of my life!  I think he's super hot and people comment that we still look at each other as if we are dating....this month that will make 16 years! God knew what he was doing when he brought us together.

  • Speaking of hubby....we met in a tire store.  Yes, he worked there and I had a flat tire.  He gave me his personal number and I called him up!  WAY out of character for shy little ole me :)

  • I have 2 big sisters that I look up to immensely...still! 

  • I want a baby girl :)  Through adoption and foster care God has only given us boys.  Coming from a family of all girls there has been a huge learning curve!  He has stretched me and changed me all for the better.  Maybe the next call we get will be for a new gender though?? Don't get me wrong...I'd never exchange my experiences with my boys for ANYTHING! 


Karen said...

Funny how you've had all boys! In our bio family I have an older sister and younger sister, and then my brother is the youngest. Of my five foster siblings, only one has been a boy! People ask us why we keep getting all the pink! Also, thought this might be an encouragement to you on some of your "harder" days you might have in the next few months-

Mamma said...

What a great way to learn more about someone....I might do this on my blog :) I have three boys and I have told my agency that I only want girls. I really want another female in this house!! Funny thing is, I am the oldest of four girls and I have nothing but boys!!