Saturday, April 26, 2014


I think most of my readers are also following me over on FB, but for those of you who just check in here, I will give an update from this week!

On Tuesday night we accepted a placement for 14 month old BOY.  YES!  I joked on FB that God thinks I need more practice or I am really good at it :)  He is the most adorable boy and several of his features remind us so much of Choo Choo!   It's like rewind has been hit and we get to do it all over again :) 

He sleeps really well so I am very thankful for that.  He eats (and eats and eats and eats) pretty much anything that I offer him (except eggs).  He ate Thai food (non-spicy ;) ), brussels sprouts, all sorts of veggies, etc.  The thing he liked the most and immediately recognized was PIZZA! 

In just 4 days with us he is already bonding with us!  I can't leave the room the without him crying for me.  It's a total meltdown if I go the bathroom! If he becomes uncomfortable in public he backs his little tooshie over to me and wants up.  He's one of the sweetest cuddlers ever! 

He just left for his first visit with Mom and his siblings.  All 3 of his siblings have medical needs so they are currently meeting at the hospital so they can all be together.  I know virtually nothing about this case or the history of it.  So for right now I will take my job as foster momma seriously and just love on this baby! 

I was curious how my kids would react and everyone is LOVING him!!!  They like to play with him and even when he hits them or throws a toy at them they are so gentle with him and correcting with their language.  Yesterday I took the kids to the Aquarium and snapped this picture of him outside in the water play area.  It was soooo sweet :)  Love that smile!!

Oh and his online name will be Squishy because he's got the cutest baby fat thing going on and you just want to squish and hug him all the time!

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