Saturday, September 19, 2009

Great deals!

Our Once Upon a Child here had a huge clearance sale yesterday on all their clothes and I was able to get lots of little girls clothes for a total of $5.50!!! Woo Hoo!!! I also was able to get a baby bath tub for $8.50! I also have a connection with a woman who I am going to try to meet up with later today to get a great deal on a crib/mattress that converts to a toddler bed as well :) We of course are still praying for any donations and/or provisions for the rest of the things needed. Last week I learned about the Moby carrier (see link in side bar) and I definitely want one of these! The woman I spoke with said they are particularly great for newborns that have been born addicted to drugs because of the intense closeness it encourages. I am now off to my second of three trainings for "behavioral analysis!" It has been a great class and I have learned so much already :)

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