Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More deals!

Yesterday a woman emailed me and said that if I want to come and peruse through her bin of baby clothes I could fill a grocery bag for $3! Ummm..Yeah! So I went over and then she started asking me what else we needed (she knew we were preparing for foster care). I only had $15 cash, but in addition to the clothes I got an infant car seat! She has several other items like a bouncer, swing, and more all for $15-25 a piece! I have to go back later with more cash :-)

On another note....we have all our paperwork in except for 2 babysitter forms (I'll have those in hand on Sat.) and one of our neighbor references. We don't really know these people, so we feel a bit awkward going over and bugging them again. It's so funny how God eases our minds....after dinner tonight there is a knock on the door and there was our neighbor needing a jump for his truck :) No problem! Mr. M was able to introduce himself and the neighbor said they were sending in the form this week. Praise God! I don't have to wonder anymore, and they got their vehicle working :)! Love it! The list in my side bar is slowly going down!!


Mandy said...

Yeah for your good deals. We have a closet of clothes with atleast 4 outfits for every size since we will take kids 0-14. My kids love it when we go through to rotate and they get the new clothes out of the bins. We do a lot of clearance clothes shopping and I have a few friends who give us clothes when they don't need them anymore. God is good!

I was thinking about you yesterday as I sat on a state review board for foster care. The monitor asked a few questions about initially getting licensed and what paperwork was needed--lots of it. I am glad to hear you are almost done! It is quite an accomplishment.

I remember when we were first licensed and we were concerned about going away that we may miss the call to pick up a child. It is very exciting each time to see who God brings to your house. I can't wait to hear about who He brings to yours!!

Mrs. M said...

Thanks Mandy! I am in the process of putting together "emergency totes" with 4 outfits for each size/gender. We have the crib together and things are getting organized...now we just need those children! :) Thanks for your support!