Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What's been going on...

Last Saturday was the first of my "extra" classes called "Behavior Analyst" training. It was actually very beneficial and it the skills that it teaches are things that I am able to use for both my kids now as well as any foster children in our home. Obviously with foster care you can't use any type of punishment and the things that people use are limited, so they of course try to help us by replaceing those negative things with positive things that really work. :) We have been using it for several days now and it's awesome to hear my kids not only listening and being more positive, but also for them to be treating each other better! The other day we were walking to the pool and we were just about to cross the street and A. grabbed I's hand and said "hold my hand buddy. I don't want you to get hurt!" When they finished crossing the street I. looked at A. and said "Thank you A. for holding my hand!" cute!

Monday was our second of three homestudy visits. We really love our FDS and you can tell that she is there for us and really cares! It's always hard to bear your soul and be open and honest about every single major (and minor) event in your life, but when you know that the other person isn't just doing a job, but rather really cares it makes it a bit easier :) We are ALMOST done with our paperwork and I can't believe we are almost to the waiting game part. The person (yes only one man) that approves the files for our county is about 2 months behind plus we are at the state of MI's mercy because we need clearance from them as well. a few weeks time it will just be a wait and see when God places our first child :-)

We **think** we may have a possible crib, so now we can have the room totally done :) The next several months will be looking for deals for all those baby goodies! I've already started to pick up deals/clearance as I see them :) Exciting!

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