Friday, September 24, 2010

Chugging Along

Things with Little Man's case continue to move....slowly. From what I understand, with the given DNA results, the CM is going to try to get referrals for the bio-dad to start on "tasks" until he can be assigned an official case plan in court (end of Oct). At least this way he will already have a month under his belt...well...that's if the CM's office approves the referrals! Praying they do!

Little Man's visits are remaining the same. They are still waiting on answers to when she can do her theraputic visits. After that (as long as there are no recommendations) she will start with unsupervised visits. From what the CM tells me, Mom definitely needs some coaching in how to appropriately discipline. Little Man is a mover, shaker, climber and screamer! LOL! She is going to have her hands full!

He has started saying "Elmo, blue, Amen (consistently), and God" this week :) It's so cute! He officially learned how to open the baby gate....ggggrrrrr!!! It is now only a derrant!

Yesterday our FDS came over to finish up the final paperwork for our re-licensure. Yay!!!! She is new so hopefully things are all complete and we don't get any kick-backs! Things are all pretty much remaining the same so it's pretty standard. Things are going well :)

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