Thursday, September 16, 2010

Signs and Words!

Little Man is now up to 29 words and 12 signs!! He seems to come up with more and more words every day! The only problem with this is that his wonderful older brothers think it is hilarious to teach him particular words. This afternoon he was walking around the house slapping his backside and saying "butt...butt" and then cracking up. The two older ones were peeking from the other room cracking up! He is starting to actually use these signs and words to get what he wants which I really love! He has this incredible scream that pretty much deafens you when he doesn't get his way or when he is reeeeeaaaallllyyy tired! Our friends heard it a couple weeks ago and his CM heard it for the first time yesterday. Oh was she surprised! That's what happens when baby goes for a visit at naptime! LOL! So...the words are welcomed relief!

He loves to dance these days! Anytime any kind of music comes on he starts swaying side to side and most times will lift his hands and say "Dod" for God :) We play worship music constantly here, so I guess he's caught on! He also has started to pray on his own. It's adorable! He holds his forearms and says a whole bunch of jibberish and then usually signs "all-done." Tonight at dinner though he said "Amen" clear as a bell :)

He is growing like a weed and it is so fun to let him run around outside and watch him explore his surroundings. He loves the grass and giggles uncontrollably when he falls down and it touches his skin. I cannot wait for winter to get here and we can be outside a lot more :)

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Cheri said...

Wellll - butt is also one of Amelia's favorites. She loves pointing it out on everything - her toys, the dog. Unfortunately, she also pointed mine out in a very long line at the store the other day. I guess I should be excited she's finally trying to really speak!