Friday, February 1, 2013

Are the tides changing???

I thought it would be a typical drop off this morning but when they pulled up and Aunt was there I got a bit nervous.  She even got out of the car and walked over to me.  When she said "Good Morning M-" I felt a little better (she totally ignored me the last time).  Choo Choo did his usual crying and clinging and she was shocked and said that Uncle was telling her was doing this but that she thought he was exaggerating.  Nope....real tears and all.

After a bit Uncle took him from me and got him settled in his car seat while Aunt started to chat with me.  She said that Choo Choo's oldest brother's b-day is today (7) and Choo Choo's was yesterday so they are having a family party tomorrow and want us and the kids to come!  What???  She went on to say that no matter how this case goes she needs to put it aside and Choo Choo needs to know that we are working together and it's not "our house" " their house."  I totally agree with her on this. It's only taken a year to get to this point-lol!  He needs to see us together and hopefully that means that whoever gets to adopt him will keep the other one in his life.  I firmly believe in keeping bio-family connections.  Of course I continue to pray that we get to adopt him and we have get togethers, etc, but I have to be realistic that it may go the other way.  What a blessing it would be to still get to see Choo Choo and be a part of his life if he goes to live with them forever!

We ended our time with a hug...a mom to mom hug.  I was shocked.  She said there is no animosity toward me or the workers anymore and we all have to move on together.  I pray that this is true.  I am not going to sit here and lie and say I want these people to be my best friends, but I do think that a positive relationship moving forward is what is best for Choo Choo.  Choo Choo's other brother (the one adopted out) is going to be there tomorrow too so that will be good as I have been meaning to get together with her again as well!

By the time they were ready to leave I kissed him and she referred to me as his mom (shocked!!!!) and he was done crying and on their way.  I am VERY curious though to see his reaction when we are all together tomorrow at the b-day party!  I think he will cling hard to me...and then the goodbye.  Talk about confusing! Whew......


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That is INSANE!!!! A good kind of insane, but insane. Prayer works, mama...He can change a lepers spots, or melt a heart of stone.