Monday, September 19, 2011

Court Update

So court did not go as we had hoped. We needed the bio-Dad's (adult) daughter to show and testify to her father's behaviors recently and she did not :( Therefore, everything the attorney said was simply heresay. The visits are to remain the same which makes me very nervous. Dad is back to living in a motel (visits can not take place there, so it will be in public...some lovely germ-infested place like the mall probably:( ).

The judge did allow that a madatory drug test be done today so we are waiting on the results of that. If they are positive the CM told me she would cancel the visit for this week and reassess.

The CM also advised me that Oct. 1st she will be starting a new job in the adoptions unit. Yay for her...ugh for us :( I hate starting all over with new people! Thank God she is not new to case managing though...just this agency. The funny thing is that on the way to court I was thinking that this mother has had an open case since 08 and the same CM has been on the case. I thought "how rare!" yep...

The CM also advised me that the FRS is on leave until Oct. 15th. I have a feeling that she is starting her new job and seeing how things are going to work out before she officially quits. Maybe I'm wrong, but with everything that she said I'm pretty sure that's it. That means that everyone on the case will be new except for the GAL and me. AGAIN :( (same with LM's situation). I couldn't say anything about the FRS and her new situation to the CM because I was told to keep quiet....I did :)

So...I guess we will wait for a day or two to hear from the CM to see where we go from here. Dad didn't dispute anything that the lawyer was saying except when it came to the reason that his daughter asked him to move out. He said...she said except instead of a marriage it's father/daughter. Such drama.

From here the AG's office is going to file a motion with the court to subpeona the daughter. Not sure when that will happen or the hearing itself. The next court date given was January 12th at 9:30am. That is 2 1/2 weeks before Baby turns 1!
When Baby was dropped off, never did we imagine that we would still have him at 1 yr old. We thought with a non-offending parent he'd be gone in 3 months....nope!

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