Wednesday, September 21, 2011


So Baby has been sooooo focused on the physical side of life that he hasn't worked much on speaking. I have tried for months to get him to babble anything, but nothing came out except squealing. Until yesterday that is! All of the sudden he started saying "mamamamamamam" and then today he started with "dadadadadada" and "deedeedeedeedee" and "gageegageegagee." It is soooo cute!! He is starting to actually crawl forward as well! He is one adorable bundle of fun!!

On the bio-dad front things are just as murky as they were a couple of days ago. I texted his cm today and she said she was still trying to find transportation for a visit. I replied with "so the test was negative?" and she said she hadn't gotten the report back yet. I got another text around 5:30 saying she didn't think there would be a visit this week because Dad's phone was disconnected and she didn't know what motel he was staying at. No problem for me! I am not surprised...I think he's had a minimum of 4 different phone numbers since the case started (probably more). He can't pay the bill, they shut it off, he gets a new one....

As for Little Man's case...both hubby and I were fingerprinted this week and the adoption paperwork sent off. I got an email today saying she was working on going through the paperwork and she'd contact us sometime in mid-October to do the official homestudy visit! I'm hoping the next month flies by!!!!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for baby's situation!!!

Can't wait for that month to fly by too!!!!! :)