Thursday, September 1, 2011


So I haven't gotten any notification since over a week ago until this morning when the FRS called and said bio-Dad is getting a 4 hour visit today so I need to pack extra supplies. Umm...ok. When I asked her about the homestudy, etc she didn't know. Awhile later...a week and 2 days after my initial email I get a response from his CM saying she has been terribly busy, but there was a hearing for Dad on Monday asking for reunification. It was denied but 4 hour unsupervised visits were granted. She hopes to do a homestudy next week or the following. If everything is ok, overnight visits will start. The reality of actually having to say goodbye to one of our babies is happening in my head and it's not pretty :( Of course I am happy for his Dad and *hopeful* that things go well for them together, but reality....

Wah....The FRS...the only realistic one of the bunch just told me she has another job lined up :( The CM is already so busy she can't even return an idea what's going to happen there!

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