Friday, September 30, 2011

Misc. Update

Today we continue to lift my sweet 4 month old nephew Noah up in prayer. He had heart surgery and is having problems with his blood pressure, blood sugar, fluids leaking, and a few other things. Please pray for this sweet baby! He is my sister's youngest (of 11) who was adopted at birth :)

As for us...Baby had a 4 hour visit with his bio-dad yesterday. I had that cringe in my stomach letting him go yesterday, but again, I just have to trust that God has this all under control!!! He came back covered in sweat, screaming his head off and practically jumped out of the CM's arms and crawled up me and wouldn't let go of my neck! Poor kid!! He's getting to that clingy age and I hated when Little Man went through this too....they scream when they leave and it breaks my heart!
He came back smelling of that yucky grease that Dad puts in his hair. Bathtime! I prefer the girly smelling stuff :) "A" even said "what's that stinky smell???" LOL!

I contacted our adoption lawyer yesterday to get the paperwork rolling so we can expedite things when we actually do have termination and wait our 30 days. She had mentioned that it takes 90 days to get everything complete following termination. Later in the conversation she asked how long he has been with us and she said "oh in that case you are one of the special ones! " She went on to explain that they should waive that waiting period because he's been here so long! THANK YOU JESUS!! She also said we will push for finalization before the end of the year so we can get blesssed with that nice tax money! That will come in very handy next year as we purchase a house!! :-)

I also appeared by phone for a "surprise" (to me) staffing yesterday. It was all of 3 minutes and they asked me if we plan on adopting him. Ummm...yes...I think filling out all that paperwork and giving you all our personal paperwork made that pretty clear! lol! They asked if we understood the process, have we adopted before, it's a bit different that the licensing process, etc, etc! I guess it was all to just solidify everything. I am so ready for CLOSURE!!!!!

Ready for Oct 24th for sure :)!!!!!!!!!

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Praying for Noah!!!

Praying for your little guy too- going back and forth can be very hard!!!

Can't wait until you have an official adoption date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOO!!