Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chest x-ray update

The pulmonologist called me this afternoon and said that in the right base of Little Man's lung there are swollen airways and mucus collecting. She said it's coming back as "likely viral pneumonia" but she said that she doesn't prescribe based on just an x-ray and that's common with asthma. So she has increased his pulmicort from 0.5mg to 1 mg (still 2x's a day) and then we will do another x-ray again in about 8 weeks to make sure it's cleared. If he starts with a fever or any other symptoms we are to call her immediately and we will go from there. He has had some increassed wheezing the past few days and has slept more than usual, but no other symptoms.

Silly me...I honestly thought (or really wanted to!) that things would be "all clear!" Hope the increased meds help!!


The Campbell's Journey said...

When it comes to our kids, I think we always go in hoping that everything is "normal" or "all clear". Look at me, I go in thinking little man has an ear infection and come out being referred to a Neurosurgeon. I believe it is called Life Lessons. We get so many to learn from :)

Mandy said...

I hope your Little Man gets better soon. My friend has a foster baby who has pneumonia right now and she is only 7 weeks old. It just breaks my heart to hear her coughing.

How is your Little Princess at her new house? Have you seen her at all?

Our Journey said...

Little Princess only stayed with my friend for 3 weeks and then moved onto her aunt's house. I have not heard how she is doing there though. I know she is with at least one sibling, so that is good :)