Monday, June 7, 2010

Walking Billboard

The past several days have been very interesting for me :) It seems as though everyone has taken an interest in getting info about adoption/foster care from our family! People ask us here and there, but it's been crazy the past 3 days! In Walmart the other day as I was grocery shopping, no less than 5 people stopped me to ask about the kids/adoption/foster care! I was able to educate some and others just commented on "how amazing that is!" A few thought Mr. A and Mr. I were twins! are both Asian (one is bi-racial) but A. is 6 and I is 4 and they look nothing alike-LOL!

This morning I had to take Little Man to get a chest x-ray. The receptionist was asking all sorts of questions about foster care and said she was interested!! I gave her the phone number and of course 'played up' our agency since we love them so much! Then we got called back for the x-ray and I was able to educate her about foster care too! People seem 'hungry' for this information and it's awesome that I can help to educate and get the word out about how more loving foster homes and adoptive homes are needed!

I LOVE it when our family is used to touch/move the hearts of others to help the orphan or child in need. What a blessing that is!!! :-)

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