Monday, June 14, 2010

What's going on here

We are busily preparing for vacation in just 6 days!!

I knew Little Man was cutting a tooth, but I really got a good look today as he was screaming his head off and no...not just one tooth....FIVE teeth are all trying to come in (2 of which are molars)!!!! Poor baby!! He just wants to be held (it's a good thing I've been working out!) and is pretty whiny :( We are of course praying these pop through or at least stop causing pain before Sunday!!!

L.M. is really starting to catch on to signing and in the past few days added "please" and "dog" to his repetoire :) Today Mr. A was playing a video game and L.M. pointed to the t.v. and then signed "please." It's amazing how young they really do understand things. At least he was polite about it :) He will imitate some animal noises as well. He has 8 words as well!! He likes to play the "walk between two people" game and is still learning his balance.

Still no travel order :( Grrrrrrrrr.....................

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Mary H. said...

awww, the little man must be miserable with all those popping toothers!!!
Hope that travel order comes soon!!!