Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Please PRAY!

We are down to TWO business days left to get our travel order :( I truly believe that we are going to get it on Friday but we can use all the prayers that we can get!!! If we don't get it then we have two choices...1) delay the trip until we can get the order 2) leave little man here in respite. I really do not want to do option 2 at all because he wouldn't know the people and go through those feelings of being abandoned/etc all over again, it would be horrible when we got back, and I'd just plain miss him! My sister was saying that she has known of several cases with her friends where the same thing has happened. It shouldn't be this way...guess we can say that a lot in foster care huh? Maybe this is why God is having us drive rather than we can be flexible??? Praying that it miraculously comes through on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the prayers :)


Mandy said...

I have always gotten ours the final day before we would leave and we would go through all the options of what to do if we didn't get it. We always decided we could never go without our foster children because they were very much a part of our family and so we could not leave them behind (they were all over 5 so they would understand we were going for fun without them too). Make sure you keep on top of your case worker so that you don't have any problems.

Praying you get it today and praying for safe travels for you!

Our Journey said...

Thanks Mandy! I've been asking our CM every day and I am pretty sure she'd be happy to never hear from me again-lol! Our FDS is also trying to get things moving for us...still waiting :)