Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Judicial Review

I had the opportunity to attend my first JR today and meet Little Man's mom. It was very interesting to say the least! There was a plea from her to increase visitation, but that was not granted due to no one being able to supervise an extra visit right now. The most time/questions seemed to be in regard to the birthfather. The situation with the legal father is still a mess, so until that gets figured certain things cannot happen. "Mom" really seems to be doing what she needs to do to get Little Man back, but there are definitely a few things left to "prove." It is difficult to be general and vague here, but at this point things will pretty much remain the same, I learned a few new things, and met the birthmother of our sweet little angel!

On another note...he got his first haircut yesterday!!!!!!!!! He still has tons of curls, but just a little more in check :) Super cute for those 1 yr old pics!! :)

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