Monday, October 25, 2010

Mystery solved!

So I finally found out today why our CM has not been responding to my emails/texts/calls. She is "on leave"!! Hmm....the message said to call her supervisor should I need anything, so I called him to see if our visit/court is still on for Wed. and of course he didn't answer either. I will be trying all day tomorrow until I get ahold of him because I am not going through all that work only to show up and it's cancelled! I have no idea how long our CM will be out and (obviously) no one told us she was on leave....ahhhh....another "experience!" Also, that means I won't have that "buffer" between bio-mom/dad, Little Man and myself for the visit (unless her supervisor is planning on being there in her place). How do people do this with God to depend on....SERIOUSLY!

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