Monday, October 11, 2010

Secondary Reviews

I'm not sure why (maybe some of you seasoned f.p.'s can tell me) I have had two calls to do secondary reviews. I'm assumming that since Little Man has been in care for quite awhile that they just want to review everything their care managers are doing. One was just over the phone, but the other wants to do a homevisit. It sure is a good thing that I am so flexible! She wants it to be tomorrow. Umm...sure....I can throw you into the mix! She's going to meet with Little Man at his visit with his mom on Wed. too. I'd be interested to hear "mom's" review! LOL! "Mom" and CM don't have the best of relationships!

All else is going well...Little Man continues to add words at rapid speed! It's so fun. Yesterday he said "Star Wars" LOL! Ahhh.....4 males who love Star Wars to one momma who's not such a fan-LOL! I know way more than I ever expected I would!

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