Friday, October 22, 2010


After 10 1/2 months in care it has legally been established in court who Little Man's Daddy is!!! took a long time, but now he can work a case plan as well. It simply stinks for Little Man to have to wait even more time which will be even harder when we all have to say goodbye :( God's ways are not our ways and we just have to trust Him no matter what!

Oh...and still no communication from his CM. Annoying!

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MamaFoster said...

my newest little girl has a battle raging over who her bio dad is. she has a "legal" dad and a supposed "bio" dad claims he thinks he is the dad but i think he is lying.

she has visits with her legal dad and screams the WHOLE time and no visits with bio dad who took care of her ever since she was born before her mom got her taken away.

i am sure we will be looking at the same future.