Thursday, April 28, 2011

New day new story!

Baby Man's FRS called to say that his visit that was cancelled today because of court was rescheduled for tomorrow. Well I already have plans with a friend, so I told her that she is welcome to pick him up from where we will be. "Oh no honey! I work smarter not harder. I'm too old for that!" LOL!! ok....She's going to cancel with the parents and reschedule for Monday. Whatever! :)

Baby Man's parents had court today. I guess everything went pretty well. Mom was upset with the workers when they stated that Dad was doing so well with this visits, volunteering for parenting, etc. Then she told me that they put in for unsupervised visits for Dad only. Dad is also asking to take the baby almost 7 hours away (driving) to see his very old/frail mother over Mother's Day weekend. I don't know if that will be approved, but seeing as how short, in-town visits haven't even started yet, I don't feel comfortable with him taking him so far away! Maybe it's just me....I don't know. That's next week!! Not to mention that will take more money away from the cash he is trying to save for his apartment. I said hasn't been approved yet.

Yesterday was a totally different story and everyone was on a different page....I don't know what will happen. I still have this gut "thing" about the situation in general, but having no control I have to simply trust God and that all will be taken care of.

Ahhh...thinking of our first serious goodbye is gut-wrenching!!! We love him so much :) He is sitting here laughing and smiling at me as I type. I am blessed tremendously!

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