Friday, April 1, 2011


The transporter came to get the baby for his visit today and I was encouraged to hear that Dad has already started his parenting classes and is really enjoying them! He continues to work for housing. They had him get tested and we'll see if he is clean. He swears it, so hopefully it's true!! It was just a random test! The transporter says he runs circles around Mom at changing a diaper-lol! Even though we love him so much and we could give him a really good life, he needs to be with his Dad (first assuring all needs will be met, etc!). I think Dad will have a rude awakening as to what life will be like with a young baby, but I am hoping that this is the happy reunion story we planned for in the beginning! Eeeekk....not looking forward to our first goodbye :( Yeah...I'll just tuck that thought far away until I have to deal with it!

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