Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Off to the specialist!

Little Man had a well-child check up today and Little Grape had a check up to see how he is healing. Little Man's went really well and his head size is even coming down! lol! Height is a little short (fits in with this family for sure!) and weight was right at 50th %ile.

Little Grape on the other hand is not doing so well. He has not changed at all in a week (except for gaining another pound! 12lbs 11oz now) He is still really congested and wheezing even after all the neb. treatments and steroid. She has decided (after joking to go get a cup of coffee and think on it awhile) to put him on a zyrtec-like presciption in hopes of helping his congestion and then we were referred to the pulmonologist for further testing. His CM mentioned that his 1/2 sister has pulmonary problems so it could be familial. She would like me to ask the CM for the name of the Dr. his sister sees as s/he would already be familiar with what we potentially are dealing with. Ummm....I'm wondering what those chances are! :) LG is a super happy little guy even though he is sick and even laughed for the first time yesterday!! :) What a blessing that was!

Later is the WIC office again...fun times for sure. At least they linked the kids for me so I don't have to go back at separate times for each of them!

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