Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yesterday Baby's case manager came over for her usual visit. I expected to hear her say the same things like Dad is still waiting on housing, blah blah blah! The CM and FRS have (from the beginning) always said that they think Dad will be able to do and he'll be fine, etc. Yesterday came a huge surprise!

I asked about housing as I usually do and she said that she doesn't believe that dad will get Section 8. What? Why? Criminal history? Nope...he has no real proof of income. He works 12 hour days, every day, as a car detailer, but it's not by the hour. He gets paid under the table for each job done. So...he had no real income verification...only a letter written on a piece of paper by his boss. He makes $500/mo! Ok..even if he did have housing and electric paid for, $500 a month is NOT enough for his food, clothes, phone, baby's food/formula, clothes, toys, diapers/wipes, baby gear, etc!!

The CM and FRS are going to start to have "those" conversations about their thoughts on not being able to do this by himself. He has no support system and how is he going to do daycare/transportation/Dr's appts, etc when he has to be at work 12 hours a day for $500 a mo??? He's burning bridges quickly with the aunt/uncle and he would desperately need them if he ever did get baby.

I of course piped up and said that we would adopt him!!! The CM and FRS had already talked together about that possibility :) They know how attached we are! The aunt/uncle haven't passed an adoption study yet (think they are working on #2 or #3) for Baby's sister who has been with them for 3 years so neither of them think that Baby would go there.

I have had it in my head ever since the beginning that there is NO WAY that Baby could become ours and I have kept that at the forefront...not anymore!! :) If this case does go to TPR and adoption that would make a total of 2 foster placements and 2 adoptions! NOT AT ALL WHAT WE EXPECTED!!!!! Of course nothing is done yet and no decisions have been made and we know from LM's situation how long this all drags out, but now that part of my heart is thinking "is he my forever son???"

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said... know........ things change- PRAYING for you my friend!!!

When we adopted our first 3, then moved we got licensed thinking- nothing will probably end up being permanent, but 3 years later it happened.