Friday, July 15, 2011

Potty training!!

He is getting it!!! He is one super stubborn little guy but I think we really turned a corner this morning :) I started a few days ago and kept pumping him with liquids that I knew he couldn't juice, milk, etc. I knew he had to go SO BAD! He started to cry because he had to go and he chose to sit on the potty, but wouldn't "let go!" FINALLY he started to cry a different cry and I knew he had gone :) This was about 2 days ago. Last night he finally went for the first time on his own and didn't cry!

Today has been SUPER successful :) NO accidents and he is willingly going on the potty. I have been keeping the potty in the room we are in, but this afternoon I forgot it in the hall (while we were playing in his room). He wandered away (I figured to go bother his brothers!) and a minute later came running in his room and yelled "Potty!!!!" I checked and he had gone!! WOO HOO!!!

I am ready for the end of toddler diapers!!! Of course this is just the beginning and I know we have more to tackle, but this is pretty big success for day 4 of potty training :) He desperately wants Lightening McQueen underwear!! I think we have a shopping trip ahead of us this weekend :)

Not too shabby for just turning two sweetie pie!!! Oh I wish I could share the cutest picture with you!! He had a little naked bootie with his tool belt on!! So funny :)

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