Tuesday, July 12, 2011


I am so frustrated with these "sibling visits!" They were suppossed to be set up for every Tuesday with his aunt and the two oldest siblings as well as his 2 yo brother and his adoptive mom. So far (in probably 6 weeks) one visit has happened! It got cancelled again today. Why would you fight so hard to have something get to happen only to continually cancel!? I guess that's another frustating thing about foster care. Little Man's mom and dad fought so hard to get paternity and visitation happen for him only to get them both and then drop off the face of the earth! The aunt fought in court the last time to get sibling visits with Baby and then one visit (and one overnight).

I am going to stop clearing my Tuesday's for this so called visit. If it does actually happen then I guess I will adjust my plans that day, but this twice a week business I am over! (the other day are his mom/dad visits).

What don't they tell you in foster care training??? That you will constantly be changing your schedule on the whim of whoever!!! :-) Ahhh....just something I need to continue to work on accepting! LOL!

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The Campbell's Journey said...

Same thing is happening with baby M. Mom gets to visit on Tuesday's for an hour and Wednesday's for two hours. Yesterday makes the 3rd week in a row that mom has cancelled (at the last minute) the Tuesday visit. Her CM came this morning and I asked her why mom kept cancelling the visits. Of course she didn't know! I think these people are used to the kids being in daycare so it doesn't really matter if they get picked up or not (that is the conclusion I have come too). We stay at home mom's are basically not to have a life :)