Friday, July 1, 2011

Change of plans???

This morning Baby was supposed to have a visit with both his parents (separately). problem. I get a call saying the transporter is having car trouble but she will call back with the plan. She calls back to say that someone else she works with will transport Baby to the visit. Ok..great. 1/2 hour later she calls back again to say that this is crazy and the visit is cancelled! So glad that I kept the baby up 1 1/2 hours past naptime for absolutely NOTHING!

Baby is also supposed to go for a visit to his aunt/uncle's over the holiday (per the FRS). The CM has to set these things up though, so I emailed her 3 days ago. Nothing. When I talked to the FRS today she said she hadn't heard anything. So I called the CM and her message says she is out of the office until next Tuesday. So...I guess nothing is going to happen??? We were planning on going out of town over the holiday and were going to go baby-free (which is much easier at a themepark!) but it looks like those plans have changed as well! We'll see if the aunt/uncle call and what they do about it!

FLEXIBILITY is the major word to know if you are, or are planning to be, a foster parent!!!

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