Friday, July 8, 2011

Yum Yum!!

Baby has now seriously started eating!!! We tried rice for the past 2 weeks and he was less than thrilled with it. He spit most of it out and ended up wearing most of it! I thought in the beginning it was just because of learning how to use a spoon/tongue thrust, etc., but nope! As soon as I started giving him oatmeal he was all about it! Today we tried our first veggie...carrots! The first bite was hilarious "what the heck are you putting in my mouth???" look, but after that he gobbled it up!!!

I was telling his FRS about him eating yesterday and she said to the baby "Too bad she has to follow all the rules! In my house you'd be eating mashed potatoes/gravy and all that yummy stuff!" Remember that situation from the WIC office I wrote about when the mom was talking about feeding her 3 mo old corn bread?? I'm thinking now maybe it's cultural :-) This kid has enough trouble with gas/constipation...I can't imagine feeding him "real" food!!! He has to be creeping up on 18lbs by now! Both my husband and I are READY for the baby car seat to be done with! He is SO heavy!

As for Little Man we have commenced to potty training!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sweet thing is so excited to get a chocolate chip when he goes! He has two approaches to this potty thing. (1) He walks around with his little booty cheeks/thighs clenched together (2) He sits on his potty and plays for an extended amount of time because he doesn't want to pee on the floor. I appreciate that :) He just grabs some toys, sits down and says "I stay on my potty." The funny thing is that when he actually does do something in the potty he cries! I think it still scares him! I'm ready to only have one in full-time diapers for sure!!!!!!! Not sure how long this is going to take. With my other kids it took a week and they were ready....LM is a smart cookie, but also tremendously stubborn, so there is no telling :)

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Good luck :)

Joanna didn't like any of the baby food! It was weird, no fruit juice either even watered down? Just shows every child is different! She has a great appetite now though, and had no problems gaining weight ;)