Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Big Boy!

We have quite the chunky baby!!! He had his 6 mo visit (at almost 7 months old) the other day and now weighs 20lbs 6 oz!!! He is 26 1/2 inches long :) His head is measuring in the 80th %ile! I don't know why, but God keeps giving us HUGE foster babies!! LM's head always measured in the 95th %ile! Everything is going really well with him...

Very little reflux since starting on more solids

Sitting up independently

Getting up on all 4's and trying desperately to crawl! (He has 3 big brothers to try and keep up with)

No real sounds (C-V) yet, but that's pretty typical to see speech take a back-seat when they are advancing physically (or visa-versa)

Eating lots of fruits/veggies--there isn't one he doesn't like! He eats puffs, soften cheerios, and tiny bits of "real" food

No teeth yet :(

He is the most social baby I have ever seen! He hates to be alone...he has to be by people :)

He is officially 7 months old today!!!

I was looking back at pictures from when he first arrived and I just sit back in amazement at the changes that have happened! I am gathering pictures to put together in a creative book for his Dad to have. I also started making a pp video of his pics. I still need to find a song that I want to put with it. Any ideas??? His CM hasn't responded to any of my 3 emails in the last week. I'm sure I'll hear from her as soon as she needs something from me :(

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