Saturday, October 15, 2011

Busy Week

As if one unannounced visit weren't enough, the brand spankin new case manager for baby came knocking on my door at 6pm that same night! Lovely! My older two were getting ready for bathtime and were streaking naked through the house! Nothing says "welcome" like naked kids! You want unannounced...this is what you get-lol!

She was a bit a*nal as this was her very first home visit (like even checking for a diaper rash!) and didn't have much to say other than she thinks that dad will choose to work a case plan. No visit again this week, but it wasn't because of Dad...

On top of the two cm visits we also had Baby's GAL which was uneventful and our old FDS who "stole" us back!!! She was our absolute favorite and then left us for another job about a year ago (different line of work in another state). She decided to come back and wanted to work with our family again. We really liked our old FDS too, but we just "click" with "T" :-) She hadn't seen LM in over a year so that was fun and she also got to meet baby man and catch up on the older kiddos too!

After LM's stunt with his p*oop last week he has decided it best to keep all bodily functions in the toilet...THANK YOU JESUS!!!! This morning he totally shocked me and asked to go on the big potty!!! It was a beautiful thing...if you are not a'll "get it" when you are :) He went and then again and again! He practiced getting on and off the potty for a good 1/2 hour-lol!!!

My sweet "A" asked this week "Mom, can we just adopt {baby man}??? I don't want him to leave" If only I could give him an answer and make things that easy!! Tuesday this week for him and the following Monday for Little Man....getting very EAGER!!!!

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