Friday, October 7, 2011

You never know....

Sometimes asking a simple questions such as "will there be a visit this week?" can lead to things you never imagined! LOL! Baby did not have a visit again this week. That makes a whopping ONE visit in 5 weeks! This week was cancelled because although Dad still has his 4 hour unsupervised visit he was supposed to check in with the case manager as to where they were during the visit. He never called/texted so I guess he lost this week's visit.

Our CM is currently in the middle of transitioning to her new job but as the phone call went on she mentioned that her supervisor wanted her to talk to the attorney about ADOPTION! Yep...there it is...WHAM! They are talking about asking Dad to sign surrenders or work a case plan. Hmmm....I have no idea what is going to happen, but NEVER did we imagine that in 2 years of fostering we would have only 2 cases and (possibly) get to adopt both of them!!!

Of course my heart is signing that *potentially* we could be adopting our baby boy! HOWEVER....reality is still very present and I realize that pretty much NOTHING in foster care goes easy/smooth, so no hopes are up yet, but hmmmm.....names have started flowing through my head. We are not exactly in love with his current name, but may keep it as his middle name. It's funny how when I asked my husband about what name was floating around his head it was the SAME name....YEP :)

Ok...ok...back to reality :)

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Will be praying for that roller coaster ride!!!! Oh I could get used to seeing him forever though :) What a sweetie!!!!

Ohhh the possibilities!