Monday, October 24, 2011


I am so weary of this case!!!!!!!!!! Mom has filed a motion and we are going to joke :( I don't even have words!


MamaFoster said...

"Our Little Man has been SAVED from poverty...our Little man has been SAVED from a life of neglect....our Little Man has been SAVED from a life of drugs....our Little Man has been REDEEMED and placed in a FAMILY where he will learn about Christ and prayerfully grow up to serve Him in mighty ways!!! I tell you it is the most adorable thing to hear this little guy sing "Jesus Loves Me" and says his prayers at night. The other day he was talking about the "Holy Pirit" :) It has been a nearly 2 yr long battle, but the battle has not been ours. There have been many tears, venting calls to my good foster momma friend Karen, and even lots of happy memories along the way. We are praying that tomorrow is the close to one chapter in Little Man's story and the very beginning of a new one!"

NONE of this has changed, not on bit of it. i am sure it is VERY discouraging, but don't be. he is yours and you know that. the rest is paper work.

Our Journey said...

Thanks are so right! It's "just" a delay and in the grand scheme of things it's a blip on the radar. While my heart hurts that he's still "stuck" in the system I know that it won't be for much longer!