Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Unannounced" visit

I love that we live sooo far (like an hour with traffic) from the offices of our case workers. They want to make sure I'll be there before they make the drive all the way out here :) So, an "unannounced" visit turns into a visit that I have at least an hour's notice for! I think that if they questioned me or had concerns about our family that would be different, but we're kinda "old hat" around there now! lol!

I wish just once that a CM would see a court date as HUGE as I see it!!! I don't think they really personalize (why would they?? It happens to them all the time) what that outcome means for the child or for our family! Oct 24th **should** be the day that all rights are terminated!!! HOWEVER....there is a chance that the judge could choose to place LM with another foster family in NY (one his bio-mom suggested). Do I think this is going to happen? No! Could it? Yes...if insanity ruled! Why move him from one foster family that he's been with for nearly 2 yrs to another foster family in another state to be near a mother whose rights have been terminated?? Doesn't make ANY sense, but who knows??? If it were a relative, that story would be very different, but I can say with confidence that God is in CONTROL and I trust that in less than two weeks we will have full termination with NO appeals!!

As for LG it seems like the staffing that we have for him next Tuesday is going to be *the* day when bio-dad is presented with his choices and how this is to proceed. Like I said before, I feel he will pursue a case plan. We will see.....

Here's an article worth reading.....

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"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

God is working HIS OWN PLAN!!!! :)