Saturday, October 8, 2011

In the trenches of motherhood

Let me just start by saying I love my children each so very much and for many many reasons! There are however weeks like this past week when I am in the deep trenches of motherhood and praying for a better week next week! A few highlights....

* A child lying about his behavior to get his brother in trouble
* Discovering that the 5 yr old has decided that behind his bed is the perfect place to put any and everything...garbage, puzzles, toys he didn't feel like cleaning up, things he's taken from his brothers, whatever!
* Baby decided he is "super baby" and climbing to stand at anything that could possibly hold his weight...falling, screaming, and immediately returning to the same place to try again.
* Up all night with a teething infant
* A sneaky 2 year old who does naughty things behind my back
* A not so sneaky 2 year old who gets mad, throws a tantrum and his plate across the dining room
* A child who is frustrated with learning and makes homeschooling time miserable

but the REAL kicker for this week was when I got Little Man up from his nap today and discovered that he put his hands down his diaper. Yes...he p*ooped and decided to "decorate" his carpeting, window and window sill with it. Lovely!

Ok...let's focus on some positives...

* Letting our kids fail in the safety of our home allows them to not make those same mistakes in the real world when the stakes are higher
* Being consistent in our discipline helps our children learn we are trustworthy and mean what we say.
* Natural consequences are the best :)
* Baby learned how to drop to his tooshie rather than fall over from standing....hallelujah!
* 7 yr old *asked* to do school today so he could "get it"!!!
* Baby starting clapping! He's my little cheerleader! :)
* Both teeth are through his gums!!!!
* Little Man smells really fruity right now from some lovely body spray...after 2 baths he still stunk and I couldn't take it! lol!
* Amongst all THAT I got a good amount of cleaning/organizing done this week and I am EAGER to get ready to move in the a few months. We of course need to find a house first :)

Tomorrow starts my weekend (hubby has a great schedule where he gets Sunday-Tuesday off) and I am ready for a FRESH start!! The Lord's mercies are new every morning and I am trusting that next week will be more peaceful :-) Tonight is "stay at home date night" with hubby where we get some yummy take out, talk and just have wonderful adult time! :)


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

He he he- we do the same thing on Saturday nights :)

Real life motherhood! Sooo true!!!

CherubMamma said...

I totally understand those trenches. I'm looking forward to starting over tomorrow morning as well!!