Thursday, October 18, 2012

Running through my head

Questions started running through my head today....can the aunt/uncle/placing agency appeal the decision from yesterday?  What about when we get to the MBI (Manifest best Interest) following TPR of bio-dad??

Thankfully we have an awesome social worker who is so patient with me and all my crazy questions!  She said it is unlikely that anyone would appeal the decision yesterday so that is good!

As for the MBI...the aunt/uncle will be considered along with us.  They ARE biological family, but we have more of a long standing bond with Baby of course!  It has been recommended to us that we get a bonding assessment between us and Baby vs. Aunt/Uncle.  She said that it looks good though in regards to what the decision was yesterday....that it could go in our favor.

This ride is NOT OVER!  I am thankful that Baby gets to stay here through it all though!! :)


Diane said...

Thrilled to hear the good news you posted this week! I hope the TPR petition gets filed quickly before dad makes many changes. Then time will tell. Good luck and praise God!

sheldonanddenise said...

Just returned home from vacation and I'm hoopin' and hollarin' here in Missouri for you... will continue to pray pray pray!!! Blessings, Denise