Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Fatherless


Check out the above link on information on our "fatherless generation." It is amazing to think how much our society and America could change if more and more children had father's present!  From promiscuous activity, to drug use, to s*exual abuse, to violent behavior and more!  How could we change America if we all stopped being so selfish and started to serve others?  Helping that single mom struggling to provide for her kids, stopping human traffiking, becoming a mentor to a child who need a positive role model, or stepping up as a foster/adoptive parent.  Rather than buying that new and fancy cell phone, ipad, unnecessary car or whatever....maybe spend that money to help a homeless person, get involved with a teen program to get them in heading in the right direction, or ???? .  The possibilities seem endless if only we would stop being "Sunday Christians" and RISE UP to BE THE CHURCH!!!!

The link below is in regards to foster youth and many of the outcomes once they have "graduated" the system.  We need to be the HOPE for these children....they don't have too many choices once they leave and homelessness, prison, drugs, traffiking, etc are where they are going.  We need to support these programs and DO SOMETHING!
http://www.cby25.org/index.htm This is a local (FL)  opportunity to get involved!