Monday, November 5, 2012

Another Brother

Baby Wayne was born Nov. 2nd weighing in at 10lbs 9oz!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wowzers!!!  This is Michael's biological brother.  She didn't send me a picture yet, but I am eager to see one.  He's gotta look just like Mikey when he was born.  Wondering about and praying for this little one's future!!!!


StarfishMom said...

Is there a possibility for you to raise his brother as well?!? Bio mom sent you the picture?

MamaFoster said...


? right ? i didn't know what to say, but you sound excited so I hope this is a good thing

Our Journey said...

No, not a positive thing :( I am eager to see a picture tho because I think he will look just like Mikey did. Their sister looks like Mikey's twin, so I am sure this one will be a cutie too. Praying like crazy for this child and wondering how long he will be in that home?????