Thursday, November 15, 2012


The GAL had the terminology mistaken and it confused me...the CM came today and we talked about what happened at court.  The court did not order a TPR consult, they ordered a TPR petition.  For those of you who do not understand the difference, most easily put, a consult is when they ask the lawyer about terminating rights and see if it is on the radar or possible.  A petition means that we are filing motion to TPR and we are going to trial!!!!!!!!!  Definitely!!!!!!!

I believe the motion WILL be filed in the 30 days ordered which is awesome (so by 12-8-2012), and then after that we will be headed to trial. She said I will be subpoenaed and have to give testimony.   I asked her when she thought this would happen and she said she didn't think it would be this year, but probably early next year (2013)!  I was expecting it to take much longer than that so I am doing somersaults over here!!!!

She then said that after the rights were terminated (everyone thinks this will be a non-issue) we will be transferred to an adoption case worker and she/her supervisor/whoever will make the determination of who they think Choo Choo should be placed with.  Then another gut-wrenching court hearing!

I am praying that this process goes smoothly and at least we are on the right track.  I am very cognizant that Choo Choo could still leave, but either way we will be able to move on with our lives and heal from this horrible loss or be jubilant and enjoy the continued gift of him in our home :)

**Funny enough it just so happened to be this exact time of year that a huge shift in Michael's case took place.  Hmmmmm.... :)


StarfishMom said...

:) His plan is perfect! Praying for His perfect peace during the waiting periood.

"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Will continue praying continuously for you and little Choo.

Carrie said...

That's great! One step closer. :)

Mary H. said...

Well that's certainly an important difference in terminology! My prayers are with you all!